CFP: Disease Dispersion and Impact in the Indian Ocean World

International Conference
“Disease Dispersion and Impact in the Indian Ocean World”
Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC), McGill University, Canada
23-24 September 2016
organised by the
Max Planck Fellow Group "Connectivity in Motion: Port Cities of the Indian Ocean"
of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale, Germany

This conference focuses on the causes, means of dispersal, geographical extent and impact of human diseases in the Indian Ocean World (IOW), from early times to the present day. The IOW, a macro-region running from Africa through the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia to the Far East, comprises both continental (Asia and Africa) and maritime (Indian Ocean, China seas, Indonesian Sea) spaces. The disease histories of these regions have been affected by a number of both human and environmental factors, including war, land distribution, water storage and distribution, deforestation, migration, volcanism, cyclones, and climate change.
We welcome papers that explore the dispersion and impact of human diseases in and across the IOW in any time period, and in any region. Papers which address theoretical and methodological questions about how to study “travelling diseases” and/or epidemiological issues, on the basis of their empirical data, are also welcome. We particularly welcome interdisciplinary studies that focus on societies indigenous to the IOW, and on women and children.
The conference fee is $70 for non-students, and $35 for students. Conference participants will be required to pay for their own travel and accommodation, but refreshments, lunch and a conference dinner will be provided.
Those interested should send a title and short (1-2 paragraph) abstract to, by 15 December 2015. Prospective participants will be informed if their paper has been accepted by 1 March 2015.
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Prof. Gwyn Campbell
Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University
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