Call for Applications: Master`s Scholarships 2015/2016, St Petersburg (Russia) [

Higher School of Economics - Saint-Petersburg (Russia) opens positions for Master`s Students! Scholarships for studies at a new Master`s Programme in Applied and Interdisciplinary History are Available now. This is a two year programme totally held in English.
Application for scholarships due to: May 15, 2015.
The programme is founded on a practical focus, proposing both traditional training methods focused on research and developing practical skills related to applied history. On the one hand, the programme focuses on preparing students for work in the public sphere right after graduation. Other objective implies that the programme produces graduates with strong background for further academic career: it trains students in new historical approaches and methodologies that will make them successful in application to PhD programmes.
Built on international experience of developing similar programmes, we use methodologies of global, comparative and transnational historical research that facilitate the study of patterns connecting European, Russian, Eurasian and global history. A crucial feature of the programme is its interdisciplinary character. In our view, applied history suffers from insufficient dialogue with research in other disciplines, not limited to other branches of humanities but social and natural sciences, including economics, geography and ecology. For that reason, the programme not only solicits applicants with undergraduate degrees in history, but actively seeks to enroll applicants with degrees in social sciences, economics, law as well as the natural sciences and engineering.
The programme is centered in St. Petersburg, which is a UNESCO World site. St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas are uniquely rich in museums, monuments, cultural-natural and archaeological heritage sites that provide unique opportunities for practical training. The history of the metropolitan imperial city and its complex environment provide ample opportunities to study variegated practices of preservation of material legacy and approaches to historical memory studies including symbolic representations of its imperial and Soviet past.
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