Call for Proposals: Editor, Agricultural History

The Agricultural History Society, the second oldest professional historical association in the United States, invites bids to host and edit the society’s journal, Agricultural History. Currently in its eighty-ninth year, the journal publishes cutting-edge research in the history of agriculture, including scholarship about rural life, policy, gender, the environment, race, technology, food, labor, and animals.

The editor is responsible for actively soliciting manuscripts, working with authors, presses and typesetters, handling copyright matters, and dealing with the digital presentation and distribution of the journal. She or he also works closely with the executive offices of the society and therefore must be an active member of AHS. The editor will begin his or her term before December 31, 2016. 

Strong institutional support is a must. The selected host institution will benefit from its association with Agricultural History in a range of ways. Whether for a small undergraduate college or a large research university, hosting the journal will mean exposure to scholars in a range of fields across the globe. The journal is read by tens of thousands of scholars on five continents. Agricultural History is published in print and electronic forms, and is available to virtually every connected library in the world. In addition, hosting the journal offers remarkable opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including hands-on work with authors, institutions, and manuscripts, as well as academic and professional training.

Guidelines for bidding for Agricultural History:

1. The editor is of extraordinary importance for the future of Agricultural History. The bid should include a full profile of the proposed editor, including scholarly, academic, and editorial experience. Please include any experience supervising a staff, working with an executive board, marketing, and representing a journal or other institution. In addition to demonstrating this experience, please discuss all teaching responsibilities, committee assignments, and general workload. In addition, the proposal should include an editorial philosophy and vision, including a statement on how the journal might be changed and improved.

2. The proposal should include a detailed description of the host institution’s support for the journal, including office space, staff, and graduate and/or undergraduate student assistance. Please include a budget with salaries, in-kind support, and other items that demonstrate the institution’s commitment to Agricultural History.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Editorial Office Search Committee, comprised of:
James Giesen, Mississippi State University, Chair
Randal Hall, Rice University
Sarah T. Phillips, Boston University
Melissa Walker, Converse College

The Executive Committee of the AHS will select the new editor. Questions should be directed to James Giesen at

Proposals are due via email to James Giesen before October 1, 2015.