Master in Comparative Studies (Anthropologie, History, Sociology) in Marseilles

Dear colleagues, 
may I brought your attention to the Master programme we run in Marseilles, entitled "Recherches comparatives in anthropology, history and sociology" - part of the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales Master programmes? 
Meant for any student open to interdisciplinary research, in a city where making a living (as French lectors or within the schooling system) and supporting the cost of higher education are feasible for students keen about developing their skills in French, the programme aimed at introducing students to a large literature in social sciences - in French and English mostly - and to the Ehess tradition of research that combines empirical inquiry with theoretical discussion. 
I take the liberty to advertise this within the HPS discussion lists as we are developing two new specific dimensions within the programme
- history and sociology of the social sciences
- interdisciplinary studies of health and medicine
which might interest some of your students and provide them with one or two years of international experience in those fields, for those who feel confided enough to undertake studies in the French language. 

The Master programme covers 2 years: 
- in the first year, students are provided by introductive disciplinary courses and to hand-on interdisciplinary collective research. They are meant to design fully their intended Master 2 research. 
- during the 2d year, they have access to advanced doctoral courses, writing classes and are supposed to complete their empirical research and write their thesis. 
General information about Ehess Master programme:

Students are supervised by a minimum of 2 supervisors from different disciplines and have access to various support schemes from the Ehess to carry out their empirical research. 
Under the link below you may find a list of the taught courses and research seminars for 2015-6 in Ehess Marseille:

For historians, local archives include archives de la Chambre de commerce de Marseille, Departmental archives of Bouches-du-Rhône, Archives nationales d'outre-mer, rich early printed collections of Mejeanne, audio collections of Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l'homme. 
I will be happy to help you or your students with any further enquiry. 
With kind regards, 

Christelle Rabier


maîtresse de conférences en sciences sociales, Ehess