7 de enero de 2016

New Wellcome Witnesses publication: 'The Development of Waste Management in the UK c.1960–c.2000'

A new volume of Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine is freely available to download at the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group website:

The Development of Waste Management in the UK c.1960–c.2000

The maintenance of public health relies on effective management of domestic and industrial waste. Waste management is therefore implicitly an issue of concern to all.

A Witness Seminar on developments in the waste management industry and the production of waste in the UK since the 1960s, with a particular focus on London. The volume includes testimonies from former refuse collectors, senior municipal waste managers, policy makers and academics. Chaired by Dame Joan Ruddock with an introduction by Councillor Lewis Herbert.

Jones E M and Tansey E M. (eds) (2015)

Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine, vol. 56. London: Queen Mary University of London.

ISBN 978 1 91019 5062

'… there was no comprehensive or cohesive policy about segregation of the waste in the hospitals. One hospital produced blue sacks for kitchen waste, another one would use it for theatre waste.' Mr Nick Patterson

'… the Ministry of Housing and Local Government published a paper [in 1967] where they said the life cycle of a fly is 10 to 14 days, therefore you should collect waste weekly.' Dr Toni Gladding

This volume can be ordered from www.amazon.co.uk; www.amazon.com; and all good booksellers for £6/$10 plus postage, using the ISBN. For further details of this and other volumes in the series visit: http://www.histmodbiomed.org/article/wellcome-witnesses-volumes.

All volumes are freely available to download.