Four-year PhD Scholarship on Foundations of Animal Sentience, apply by 10 January

The Foundations of Animal Sentience project (ASENT), a five-year ERC-funded project led by Dr Jonathan Birch, aims to study the methodological foundations of animal sentience research and the link between sentience and animal welfare. The project seeks to recruit one PhD student. The student will contribute to the project either by exploring the methodological foundations of animal sentience research, or by investigating the pathway from animal sentience research to consequences for animal welfare legislation and policy and/or animal ethics.

The student should have an excellent undergraduate degree and a completed Masters degree in philosophy or another relevant subject, such as comparative psychology, cognitive science, or animal welfare science. The primary supervisor of the PhD project will be Dr Jonathan Birch. If you have any questions or want to know more about the project, please write to Jonathan at

The successful applicant will receive full funding for a 4-year PhD at LSE, including full payment of tuition fees AND a maintenance stipend of £18,000 per annum. To apply, please apply to the MPhil/PhD in Philosophy at LSE in the usual way, carefully following all the requirements described on LSE’s website: When you apply, please indicate clearly in your application (in both your Statement of Academic Purpose AND your Research Proposal) that you wish to be considered for the ASENT scholarship.

You should include, in your research proposal, a substantial description (of at least 1,500 words) of a research project relevant to ASENT. You MAY, if you wish, include TWO research proposals in the same document: a proposal relevant to ASENT, and a proposal on a different subject that you would pursue if awarded an LSE Studentship or a LAHP (AHRC) scholarship. If you do this, please indicate clearly which of the two proposals is relevant to ASENT.


It is expected that interviews will be conducted in late January or in February.