FOOD AND DRINK EXCESS: The 13th Summer School at IEHCA (the European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food, François Rabelais University, Tours, France)

François Rabelais University, Tours, France
and the European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food, Tours, France (IEHCA)
are pleased to announce the Thirteenth Summer University in Tours, France
the 30 August to 6 September, 2015:

The phenomenon of food and drink excess has always been of concern to human societies. In pre-modern Europe, the emphasis lay on controlling behaviour. Concerted attempts to secure subsistence, prevent famines, avoid God's wrath and halt moral decline have been conceptualized as social disciplining (Gerhard Oestreich) and a civilizing process (Norbert Elias), both perceived as key agents on the road to modernization.
From the later twentieth century, in the wake of industrialized production and rising prosperity throughout the West, the focus shifted to the management of oversupply: what to do with butter mountains, supermarket waste, obesity, bulimia and binge-drinking (perceived as all the more scandalous given persistent scarcity elsewhere)?
On the other hand, of course, some cultural strands have thrived on indulgence, be it carnivals, drinking rituals or rites of passage, while adherents of the Bacchanalian tradition - ranging from Antique Greek symposia to the Beat Generation of the 1960s - celebrated excess for intellectual and artistic inspiration.
This summer university invites graduate scholars from all disciplines, regions and periods to re-assess the manifold connections between food, drink and excess in long-term comparative perspective.

 Academic co-directors:
Isabelle Bianquis – Professor of Anthropology, Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France
Antonella Campanini – Instructor/Researcher, Medieval History, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Bra/Pollenzo, Italy
Beat Kümin – Professor of Early Modern History, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

For further information (presentation, programme and application form) please visit the IEHCA website at the following address: