Job Offer - Associate Professor with tenure track in Environmental History - Sciences Po Paris

Position of an Assistant Professor in Environmental History

Private sector contract: Assistant Professor with tenure track.
The Center for History at Sciences Po Paris invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor in Environmental History. The objective for the creation of this new post is the development of a research field in environmental history at the Center for History at Sciences Po (CHSP). It will be integrated into at least one of the research domains at the CHSP, and it will contribute to reinforce the CHSP’s central research axis, which is political history understood in its broadest possible terms.
General profile
This position aims to develop nineteenth and/or twentieth century environmental history as one of the research orientations of the Center for History at Sciences Po ( This may be carried out by means of an approach of history in the long durée and via an international perspective, without any geographical restrictions. All subject areas related to environmental history may be considered, but the links with the research fields at CHSP, and a perspective of political history understood in very broad terms, will be essential. Candidates with an international track record regarding their research, their professional activities, their teaching experience, their publications and their linguistic competence will be given a preference. A solid knowledge of English is indispensable. A working knowledge of French will be required within a stipulated number of years after appointment. For those candidates who do not have a solid knowledge of French at the time of application, teaching will initially be carried out in English.
The candidate is expected to demonstrate her/his ability to conduct innovative and internationally recognized research. Candidates must also be well-integrated into the most relevant international scientific networks. The ability to raise funds for research will be an asset. The successful candidate will fully participate in the teaching and training of students. The post will receive special consideration for financial support assured by the Communauté d’universités et d’établissements “Université Sorbonne Paris Cité” (Comue USPC). Experience with collective research, the desire to engage in such a project and the competence to lead a sizeable project will thus be taken into consideration.
Teaching duties
Teaching will take place on all three levels of education offered by Sciences Po: College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate Programs) on the Paris campus and/or on one of the regional campuses, as well as Masters and Doctoral programs on the Paris campus. Teaching will be carried out in French or English. Other than the teaching of environmental history as such, the successful candidate may also have to teach in more general areas of history. The ability of the candidate to teach subject matters that reach beyond the strict limits of her/his research interests and her/his knowledge of international debates in history will therefore be appreciated.
Teaching load:
2015-2018: two lecture courses (24 hours per course)
2018-…: three lecture courses
Recruitment procedure
All candidates must submit their dossiers via email imperatively. A complete file will consist of: i) a letter of intent, including motivations for the candidacy and the delineation of research interests and projects; ii) a curriculum vitae; iii) electronic copies of three key book chapters or articles
The deadline for the receipt of complete application packages is 10 July 2015, 8pm local time. Please send application materials to Professor Paul-André Rosental [ ] and to Isabelle de Vienne, executive secretary of the CHSP [ ].