28 de mayo de 2016

CfP: Digital HPS Conference -- Deadline approaching

The Digital HPS Consortium is holding its annual conference from Friday morning August 26, through Sunday morning August 28, 2016 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Register at http://dhps2016.eventbrite.com by May 31, 2016.

Conference title: "Varieties of Digital History and Philosophy of Science"

Papers dealing with all types of digital projects in the history and philosophy of science are welcome, and participants are encouraged to address the conference theme: how can diverse, locally created projects can be made discoverable, interconnected, and sustainable?

As we move further into the networked digital age, scholars are creating new types of digital scholarship with extraordinarily varied methods, structures, and presentations. When taken together, the richness of these diverse projects is extraordinary. Unlike traditional published works, however, many of these projects go unnoticed and often shut down for lack of support. The challenge of the current moment is to build greater stability into the digital space by making projects more visible (discoverability), by providing better ways for unique projects to interact and talk to each other (interconnectivity), and by finding archival spaces that will prevent projects from simply disappearing (sustainability).

The Digital HPS Consortium is holding this conference to encourage scholars who have unique projects to talk about these difficulties. Questions to be considered: How can we make a more permanent and stable home for our digital work? How can we encourage uniqueness but also pay attention to standards and protocols? How can we build longevity into these projects? The meeting will conclude with a focused, discussion on the practical issues of building a general framework for cooperation.

All meetings will take place in Bizzell Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. Please go to Norman 2016 dHPS meeting information for more information on the conference venue. Free registration for the meeting can be found here: http://dhps2016.eventbrite.com. At the registration site, you can enter your suggestion for a paper, if you desire to make a presentation.

Registration deadline is May 31, 2016.