CfP Health, Culture and the Human Body - Istanbul 2014


The 3rd international and interdisciplinary conference on
Health, Culture and the Human Body
Epidemiology, ethics and history of medicine, perspectives from Turkey and Central Europe
Istanbul, Turkey, 11-13 September 2014

Advances in science-based medicine have greatly increased the range of applications to the body and mind of human beings, blurring the boundaries between what is to be considered a state of health or illness. A large number of interventions already have a distinguished history, such as organ transplants, pharmacological enhancement, plastic surgery, etc. Other developments, such as delaying the process of aging by manipulating the molecular markers on our DNA (telomeres), so far remain promises (or threats?) for the future. In this regard this conference will focus on ethical, historical and epidemiological perspectives on medical interventions into the healthy/diseased human body in mid-life, including issues such as enhancement, surgical interventions, and the ethics of transhumanism. Further subjects of the conference are the epidemiology of organ transplants and the history and ethics of psychiatric definitions, diagnostics, and therapies, which will also be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective. Palliative care and its intercultural aspects are also among the main topics of the conference.
This conference will focus on selected cases from Turkey, Germany, and other countries which for the last 50 years have been closely connected by substantial migration processes, as they had been earlier through medical scientific exchanges and common clinical practice. Building on the well received first two rounds on the beginning and the end of life, respectively, held in Germany (Mainz) in 2010 and in Turkey (Istanbul) in 2012, the aim of this third conference is to widen the discussion platform for different ethical considerations among historically connected countries, applying an interdisciplinary “medicine studies” approach to selected sample cases or population approaches from Turkey, Germany and other countries with comparable relationships.  
The thematic areas chosen for the upcoming conference are:
- Organ Transplantation (organ donation: problems and solutions; health risks after transplantation; cultural differences in the acceptance of organ transplantation)
- Modifications and Manipulations of the Human Body (plastic surgery, neurochips, other forms of enhancement – e.g., pharmacological – doping or neuroenhancement; telomere research [extension of lifespan]; the ethics of transhumanism)
- Psychiatry (autonomy in psychiatry, transcultural perspectives, historical and international connections in the development of modern psychiatry)
- Palliative care and culture
- Migration and health
Abstracts (max. 250 words) of proposed conference papers should be submitted by 28 February 2014, to the attention of Hakan Ertin MD PhD, E-Mail: , Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of History of Medicine and Ethics. Tel: +90 532 321 71 77 Fax: +90 212 414 22 86
Publication of selected papers is envisaged.
Venue: BETIM Center for Medical Humanities – Findikzade, Istanbul, Turkey,
Hakan Ertin MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Ilhan Ilkilic MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Rainer Broemer PhD (Istanbul University and BETIM, Istanbul, Turkey)
Inanc Ozekmekci PhD (Erciyes University, Kayseri Turkey)
Hajo Zeeb, MD, MSc, PhD (Bremen University and Leibniz Institute for Epidemiology and Prevention Research – BIPS, Germany)