18 de junio de 2014

CFA: Graduate Workshop "Approaches Within Philosophy of Science" - London, September 2-3, 2014

Graduate Students, call for abstracts
Please circulate widely -- Apologies for crossposting

2-3 September 2014
Organisers: Toby Friend and Phyllis Illari

There has been an increase in the number of researchers working in philosophy of science in London, and this workshop aims to bring this community together with those further afield. Philosophy of science can involve many disparate methodologies and aims at achieving a variety of goals. As part of an ongoing project to bring together and boost our burgeoning and diverse community, this first workshop will centre on discussion of philosophical approaches within the field. Although we welcome all abstracts which touch on this theme, we are particularly keen for there to be a good discussion on the role and adequacy of methodological pluralism, the adequacy of dispositionalist treatments of scientific phenomena, representation and pragmatism. We encourage participants from the UK and abroad.

**Confirmed Speakers/Presentations**
Chiara Ambrosio (University College London) -- "Pierce and The Harvard Archives"
Hasok Chang (Cambridge University) -- "What does pluralism tell us about how to do philosophy of science?"
Stephen Mumford (Nottingham University) -- "The Irreducibility of Dispositionality"
Mauricio Suárez (Institute of Philosophy, London University) -- to be announced

Send your 500 words max. abstract by 14 July 2014 in doc, docx, txt, rft or pdf format, suitable for anonymous review to toby.friend.13@ucl.ac.uk.

Abstracts will be refereed by the UCL Organising Committee:
Toby Friend, Phyllis Illari and Chiara Ambrosio.

14 July 2014:                      Deadline for submission
1 August 2014:                    Notification of acceptance

**Further information**

We are very grateful to the British Society for the Philosophy of Science for providing financial support.