Wellcome Trust Research Bursaries

Dear colleagues,
With apologies for cross-posting.
I just wanted to bring to the attention of this list the new Wellcome Trust Research Bursaries scheme.
This scheme is for small and medium-scale research projects based on library or archive collections supported by the Wellcome Trust. Projects must focus either on Wellcome Library holdings (http://wellcomelibrary.org/collections/) or on any collection supported by a previous Wellcome Trust Research Resources grant (http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Funding/Medical-humanities/Funding-schemes/Research-resources-awards/Projects-funded/index.htm), but they need not be historically grounded.
These awards can support experienced researchers based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Applications may also be made from scholars based outside the UK or the Republic of Ireland who wish to carry out research on a collection supported by the Trust.
Awards are not limited to academic researchers. Applications may also be submitted by conservators, artists, performers, broadcasters, writers, public engagement practitioners and others working in the creative arts.
More information on the scheme is available on the Wellcome Trust website:http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Funding/Medical-humanities/Funding-schemes/Research-resources-awards/Research-bursaries/index.htm.

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