Technologies of Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Swansea University will host the first Society for the Promotion of
Hellenic Studies Regional Conference on 2-3 July 2015. The topic is
Technologies of Daily Life in Ancient Greece.

Talks on a variety of everyday ancient Greek technologies, some with
demonstrations, and all with Q & A, will run from late afternoon on
Thursday through to Friday evening, concluding with a reception and
lecture at the Waterfront Museum Swansea, sponsored by the Learned
Society of Wales, and held there jointly with the British Society for
the History of Science.

There will be multiple opportunities for delegates to try their hand at
some of the ancient arts and crafts featured, such as gem-cutting, food
production and preservation, drilling and grinding, and cosmetic-,
medicine- and pigment-production.

The conference will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about the
quotidian technologies of Ancient Greece. To register, please go to our
website: and follow the link.

Closing date for registration is 12 June 2015.

Please contact Tracey Rihll ( or Laurence
Totelin ( for more information.

During the day on Thursday 2nd, before the conference begins, 95
children from local primary schools and 35 from local secondary schools
will be attending workshops of their choice on a variety of everyday
ancient technologies, including grinding grain, making rope, or
concocting pharmaceuticals.

We have some places for secondary school groups still available. See
For more information, please contact Evelien Bracke

Dr Laurence Totelin
Lecturer in Ancient History
Cardiff University
John Percival Building
Colum Drive
Cardiff CF10 3EU