Temporary Job opportunity in the Dept of History, Lancaster University, UK

I draw to the notice of subscribers to MERSENNE the recent job advertisement in History at Lancaster for a one-year temporary post in early modern history commencing Autumn 2015. Please see:

The Department of History at Lancaster has a successful record of introducing its humanities/history students to the history of early modern science, broadly construed and sympathetically presented.

I (Dr Stephen Pumfrey) will be on sabbatical leave from December 2015. Whilst I will be convening and delivering (with the successful applicant) part of the new module Hist102: Reform, Rebellion and Reason, and delivering my module Hist294: Nature and Culture: Themes from the Renaissance, I will be delivering neither my final year special subject Hist333: Science and Society in England, 1640-1688, nor my postgraduate contributions.

My entirely personal opinion is that there are opportunities for applicants with expertise in early modern HSTM who can demonstrate that they have the capacity to teach early modern history more broadly, probably with an emphasis upon Britain, given that the post is to replace Prof. Naomi Tadmor.

Dr Stephen Pumfrey,

Department of History,

Lancaster University, LA1 4YT.