Lady Science : Summer Essay Suite on Women in Computing

Lady Science is celebrating the summer with a special suite of essays on women in computing. Our guest for June and July is Joy Rankin, who recently defended her dissertation, Personal Computing before Personal Computers: The Origins of America's Digital Culture, and recieved PhD in History (History of Science and Medicine) from Yale in May.  Dr Rankin is a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for 2015-16 and will be joining Michigan State University in 2016 as an assistant professor at Lyman Briggs College and James Madison College. Dr Rankin will explore the historiography of women in computing and its representation and interpretation in contemporary popular culture, especially television. Her essays will be accompanied each month by complementary essays by Lady Science editors Anna Reser and Leila McNeill. Part one arrives in inboxes June 19, followed by part 2 on July 17.
Lady Science is a multifaceted collaborative writing project, focused on women in science, technology and medicine. Our purpose is to highlight women’s lives and contributions to scientific fields, to critique representations of women in history and popular culture, and to provide an accessible, inclusive, and collaborative platform for writing about women on the web. Lady Science is delivered once a month by email.
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Leila McNeill: First received an MA in Literary Studies with a focus on the literature of science and time, followed by an MA in the History of Science focusing on midwifery, popular medical texts for women, and women science popularizers in the nineteenth century. Contact: @leilasedai;
Anna Reser: MA, History of Science. Beginning doctoral work on the American space program, the built environment, and the history of modern and postmodern art and architecture. Contact: @annanreser,