Metascience New Issue Alert

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 24, Issue 2 of Metascience.

Editors: Luciano Boschiero and K. Brad Wray

In this issue:

1.     Editorial
Metascience and Neurath’s boat
K. Brad Wray, Luciano Boschiero Pages 171-172

2.     Book Symposium
Equidynamics and reliable reasoning about frequencies Marshall Abrams, Frederick Eberhardt, Michael Strevens Pages 173-188

3.     Essay Review
A defence of string theory
Keizo Matsubara Pages 189-194

4.     Book Review
A sociological approach to the search for gravitational waves Koray Karaca Pages 195-198

5.     Book Review
Can there be a theory of development?
Kostas Kampourakis Pages 199-203

6.     Book Review
Relational realism: A new foundation for quantum mechanics?
Nicholas J. Teh Pages 205-209

7.     Report
Book notice
Martin A. Vezér Pages 211-212

8.     Essay Review
Aristotle on being as activity
Vasilis Politis, Jun Su Pages 213-218

9.     Book Review
Circling in on Tyndall and Turner
Katharine Anderson Pages 219-222

10.    Book Review
Minding the nebulae
David DeVorkin Pages 223-226

11.    Book Review
A lively, if sprawling, history of the atomic era Naomi Pasachoff Pages 227-231

12.    Book Review
The history of electromagnetic theory through the lives of its founders Naomi Pasachoff Pages 233-236

13.    Book Review
Radiation before the bomb
Audra J. Wolfe Pages 237-238

14.    Essay Review
Applied mereology
Ingvar Johansson Pages 239-245

15.    Essay Review
Common causes love to hide
Chrysovalantis Stergiou Pages 247-251

16.    Essay Review
Functions and functional explanation revisited Stavros Ioannidis Pages 253-258

17.    Essay Review
Natural kinds no longer are what they never were Thomas A. C. Reydon Pages 259-264

18.    Essay Review
Constructively engaging with relativism Howard Sankey Pages 265-269

19.    Book Review
On the real workings of social construction David Henderson Pages 271-274

20.    Book Review
Natural classification
Joeri Witteveen Pages 275-278

21.    Book Review
The fuzziness of pseudoscience
Robert Nola Pages 279-284

22.    Book Review
The philosophy of stem cells
Stavros Ioannidis Pages 285-288

23.    Book Review
The Janus faces of quantum-speak: An interpretative role of linguistic analysis Vassilis Sakellariou Pages 289-293

24.    Essay Review
A systematic companion to “neoclassical” philosophy of science Gustavo Cevolani Pages 295-299

25.    Essay Review
Tacit knowledge: In what sense?
Zhenhua Yu Pages 301-307

26.    Book Review
The Berlin Group of logical empiricism
Thomas Uebel Pages 309-313

27.    Book Review
From the Gaia hypothesis to a theory of the evolving self-organizing biosphere David Schwartzman Pages 315-319

28.    Essay Review
Metaphysics, laws, and natural kinds: Minimalist approaches Cristian Soto Pages 321-331

29.    Book Review
A panorama of philosophical logic
Costas Dimitracopoulos Pages 333-336

30.    Book Review
On modal and intuitionistic logics
Costas Dimitracopoulos Pages 337-340