Workshop and Symposium on Greek Alchemy

Dear colleagues,
The final Workshop and Symposium on "Greek alchemy: From the late Antiquity to the early Modernity" will be held in Athens, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, from the 25th to the 27th of June 2015.
At the Workshop, the following themes will be discussed:
·         Catalogue of Greek alchemical manuscripts and the inventory of manuscripts containing Greek texts that are relevant to alchemy.
·         Relationships between alchemy and natural philosophy in Byzantine times, and the mutations of alchemy and the development of ‘chymistry’ in the post-Byzantine era.
·         Educational applications of the historical material and on the reproduction of alchemical procedures.
The Workshop will be followed by the Symposium "Greek alchemy: From the late Antiquity to the early Modernity".
Best wishes,