CfP: Interdisciplinary Conference in Arts and Science

nterdisciplinary Conference in Arts and Science
Theme: Memory
Venue: Southern Regional College, Newry, Northern Ireland
Date: 13th- 14th November 2015
The School of Academic Studies and Applied Science at Southern Regional College calls for papers for a two day interdisciplinary conference on Memory.
Key note speakers: Prof. Nigel Fabb, University of Strathclyde
The theme of memory is a current preoccupation of a diverse range of fields from neurolinguistics to cultural studies. It pervades notions of identity, authenticity, re-presentation of the self and our perceptions of others. The paradox however, that characterises memory is that it can function to serve opposing desires: a retainer of truth but a composer of lies; a reliable and unreliable system. Memory can connect us beyond temporality and bounded environments yet can be fragmented, disconnected in itself. To understand this paradoxical structure, critical discourses may need to look beyond their own field of study. Therefore, this conference seeks papers within the arts, humanities and sciences in order to foster interdisciplinary discussion so that we can develop our understanding of the complexity of memory.
We welcome 20 min paper proposals on the following sub-themes on memory:
  • Narrative perspective and the self
  • Identity and authenticity
  • Fragmentation and biography
  • History and truth
  • Autobiography
  • Reinventing the past
  • Citizen journalism and the ‘self’ archive
  • Psychology
  • Episodic Memory and truth
  • Default Network Visual Perception and Memory
  • Reimagining the self
  • Fragmented identities
  • Preservation
We would also welcome poster presentations on any of the above sub-themes. Please submit a 300 word proposal on your presentation/poster by 7th September 2015 in Word or pdf files. All papers will be given consideration by the conference committee. Notification emails will be sent by 1st October.
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Dr. Elizabeth Finnigan Southern Regional College Newry Co. Down Northern Ireland
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