Workshop: The Other Senses in Literary and Medical Culture

This workshop investigates the role of multimodal perceptions in communications about the living, human body in medical and literary culture. The overarching aim is to harness interdisciplinary approaches to, and help to reevaluate, the role of sensory interplays in these fields. The initiative is funded by the 'Zukunftskolleg' of the University of Constance, Germany.
Location: K7, University of Constance, Germany
You are warmly invited to attend the event. (Attendance is free.)

July 29
Introduction: Monika Class (Constance)
Psychiatric Power
Remote Control: Pedagogical, Fictional, Physiological, and Psychological Experiments on Producing Emotions
Nicolas Pethes (Cologne)
Late Foucault and Multimodal Sensory Perception
Neil Vickers (King’s College London)
Psychology, Autism and Sensory Impairment in England 1959-1981
Bonnie Evans (Queen Mary University of London)

Medical Record-taking & Sensory Overload
Narrating Order in Modern Clinical Case Reports
Brian Hurwitz (King’s College London)
More than Seeing. The Interplay of the Senses in the Observationes Genre
Maria Böhmer (Zurich)

July 30
Sensory Interplays of Hearing
The Eye and the Ear as Rivals
Aleida Assmann (Constance)
Imagination and the Transposition of the Senses: Making the Audible Knowable in Auscultation and Percussion
Meegan Kennedy (Florida State University)
Multisensory Exploration
Sensing the Foreign City in Contemporary Mexican Literature
Olivia Vázquez-Medina (Royal Holloway, University of London)
The Problem of Sensory Information in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland and Edgar Huntly
Emily Petermann (Constance)
Common Sense in a Malodorous Victorian Charitable Institution: A Mid-Victorian Case Report
Ruth Richardson (London)
How the Other Half Smells: Odorphobia in George Orwell's The Road to Wigan Pier
Silvia Mergenthal (Constance)

July 31
The Dynamics of Literal & Figurative Skin
Sensitive Skins: Didier Anzieu and the Sensory Life of the Body’s Surface
Marc Lafrance (Concordia University)
‘Strength through that Human Contact’: The Figurative Skin of Characters in Victorian Novels
Monika Class (Constance)

Convener: Dr Monika Class
Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz
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Raúl Acosta García
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