CfP: Public Health and society in Latin America and the Caribbean, 6-9 July 2016, UWI St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

This three day conference is designed to explore the complex relationship between public health and Latin American and Caribbean societies from the colonial to the present era. As the third leg of a series of international workshops on the history of public health policies and practice in these regions, it will focus on the engagement of medical personnel, policy makers, health agencies and the public in relation to the evolution of public health perspectives, regulations and implementation. It intends, as well, to pursue discourse on the varied consequences of imperialism, racism and classism in public health approaches, and  the role of traditional medicine and the treatment of mental disabilities within the Caribbean and Latin America.

Paper proposals may be submitted under the following themes:

Imperialism, Decolonisation and the role of public health
International, Regional and Community Organisations and the advancement of public health
Pluralism: The conflict of Indigenous medicine and Biomedicine
Demography, Migration and Disease control
Mental health
Medical personnel and public health engagement
New Technologies and Procedures and their impact on the society
The impact of Ethnicity and ‘Class’ on public health
Tropical Medicine and its impact on colonial societies, policies and economies

The conference will be hosted by the Department of History, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with the University of York and Casa de Oswaldo Cruz/ Fiocruz, Brazil. It is part of a British Academy-funded collaborative project.

Contributors are requested to submit
  • an abstract of no more than 250 words, including the title of the paper
  • a one page CV including name, department and university affiliation (if appropriate), mailing address, phone number(s) and current email address.

Please submit to Dr. Debbie McCollin at The deadline for submission is 1st February 2016.