Derek de Solla Price's Yale lectures: "Neolithic to Now" (1976)

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You may be interested in a new resource:

These are a complete set of audio recordings of lectures delivered at Yale in 1976, by Derek de Solla Price, on the history of science, “Neolithic to Now”.  He claims they are “the world’s first canned university lectures”.

Price’s preamble:
“Although it looks like an introductory survey that runs from the Neolithic Revolution, through the present day into science fictional material, it is not just a history.  History of science and technology is not like that, it’s not very much like history.  The aim is to examine the modern scientific and technological civilization, and as an explanation of how it came to be, and a pre-taste of the way it is going to work in the future, we will try to find out why things happened the way they did, when they did, to the people that they did. How were the ground-rules of our scientific technological society laid down?”