Graduate Funding Opportunity in the History of Technology (IEEE)

The IEEE Fellowship in Electrical History supports either one year of full-time graduate work in the history of electrical, electronic and computer science and technology (broadly construed) at a college or university of recognized standing, or up to one year of post-doctoral research for a scholar in this field who has received his or her Ph.D. within the past three years. This award is supported by the IEEE Life Members Committee.  The stipend is $17,000, with a research budget of up to $3,000.  Recipients are normally expected to take up the Fellowship in the July of the year that it is awarded.  Candidates with undergraduate degrees in engineering, the sciences, or the humanities are eligible for the fellowship.
For pre-doctoral applicants  the award is conditional upon acceptance of the candidate into an appropriate graduate program in history at a school of recognized standing. In addition, pre-doctoral recipients may not hold or subsequently receive other fellowships, but they may earn up to $5,000 for work that is directly related to their graduate studies. Pre-doctoral fellows must pursue full-time graduate work and evidence of satisfactory academic performance is required. These restrictions do not apply to post-doctoral applicants.
The Fellow is selected on the basis of the candidate's potential for pursuing research in, and contributing to, electrical history.  Application forms and more information are available on-line at  The deadline for completed applications is 1 February 2016.  Applicants will be notified of the results by 1 June 2016.