Call for Nominations for Reader of Articles in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine to be Translated and Published in Chinese

The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) has initiated a publication project in which influential articles in history of science, medicine, and technology published in the last 25 years would be translated into Chinese and issued as an anthology. In turn, historians of science in Asia are selecting ten outstanding articles in Chinese to be translated into English and published by the MPIWG. It is hoped in this way to forge closer links among scholars working in the West and Asia. Both publications will be available in open access on-line, as well as in print form. The MPIWG will obtain the permissions and underwrite the costs of translation and publication. The History of Science Society, the American Association for the History of Medicine, the British Society for the History of Science, the Division of the History of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, the European Society for the History of Science, and the Society for the History of Technology are collaborating with the MPIWG on selecting articles for the reader, and are soliciting nominations for articles to be included.

You may submit your nominations (one each for history of science, history of technology, and history of medicine) at

The poll is not restricted, so please feel free to forward this link to others who might like to nominate articles. It will be fascinating to see the survey results.

Thanks for your help!

Angela Creager, Princeton University and President, History of Science Society, 2014-15