7 de diciembre de 2015

Metascience-new issue alert

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 24, Issue 3 of the journal, Metascience.
Editors: Luciano Boschiero and K. Brad Wray


In this issue:
Supporting the “metascientific” community
Luciano BoschieroK. Brad Wray Pages 341-342

Book Review
What’s so great about Feyerabend? Against Method, forty years on
Ian James Kidd Pages 343-349

Book Symposium
Metaphysics, prescription and methodological disagreement
Alexander Reutlinger Pages 351-372

Book Review
From the basics to the advanced: Your guide through ontology
Elina Pechlivanidi Pages 373-376

Book Review
Is there real emergence?
Javier Cumpa Pages 377-379

Book Review
A pluralist account of causality
Federica Russo Pages 381-384

Essay Review
Immunology seen through the dark glass of autoimmunity
Alfred I. Tauber Pages 385-391

Book Review
Biology textbooks and the decentering of the Scopes Trial
William Vance Trollinger Jr. Pages 393-396

Book Review
Historical studies on race, multiculturalism and genomics in Latin America
Ana Barahona Pages 397-400

Book Review
Controversies over the influences on and effects of Darwinian theory
Richard Weikart Pages 401-404

Book Review
Understanding mechanistic research
Marta Halina Pages 405-407

Book Review
The more things change the more things change
Leonard Finkelman Pages 409-412

Book Review
History and the hard problem
Roger Smith Pages 413-416

Book Review
The daily grind: Monastic milling in Britain
Constance H. Berman Pages 417-419

Book Review
History and falsity: Trust issues in early modern science
Paolo Savoia Pages 421-424

Book Review
Commerce and early-modern visual representations in natural history and medicine
Klaus Hentschel Pages 425-427

Book Review
Spanish renaissance anatomy
R. Allen Shotwell Pages 429-431

Book Review
Einstein’s Travels
David E. Rowe Pages 433-435

Book Review
Software bugs and Star Wars
Peter J. Westwick Pages 437-439

Book Review
Weathering the infostorm
Simon D’Alfonso Pages 441-444
Top of Form
Book Review
Exchanging the ubject: does (bio)materiality matter?
Tyler Hnatuk Pages 445-448

Book Review
Weapons research in the Cold War
John Forge Pages 449-451

Book Review
Causal mechanisms in political science
Rosa W. Runhardt Pages 453-456

Book Review
A critical perspective on a critical perspective on social science
David K. Henderson Pages 457-461

Book Review
The present state of the individual–holism debate
Stephen Turner Pages 463-465

Book Review
Do social institutions require collective acceptance?
Frank Hindriks Pages 467-470

Book Review
Tales of wonder
Brendan Larvor Pages 471-478

Book Review
A wide-ranging collection on arithmetic and other matters
Mark Zelcer Pages 479-481

Book Review
Do we see numbers?
James Davies Pages 483-486

Book Review
The Complexity of Poincaré
Richard Feist Pages 487-489

Book Review
The common sense and sensibility
Amitavo Islam Pages 491-496

Book Review
Advancing our understanding of understanding
Xavier de Donato Rodríguez Pages 497-502

Book Review
A theory of argumentation
Moti Mizrahi Pages 503-506

Book Review
Modernizing philosophy of science for the philosopher and student alike
Miles MacLeod Pages 507-510

Book Review
Teaching the logic of science
Evelyn Brister Pages 511-514