Eighteenth-Century Studies special issue: Color in the Long Eighteenth Century

Type: Call for Publications
Date: July 15, 2016
Subject Fields:  Humanities, Slavery, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies

Eighteenth-Century Studies

Special Issue:  Color in the Long Eighteenth Century

Call for Submissions

Eighteenth-Century Studies, a cross-disciplinary journal committed to publishing the best of current writing on all aspects of eighteenth-century culture, is planning an upcoming special issue dedicated to the theme of how people understood and assigned meaning and value to color in the eighteenth century.  Topics might include color in literature and the visual arts, changing perceptions of race, scientific understandings of optics and color theory, and color in commercial goods (dyes and textiles, for example), among many others.  Broadly speaking, how did eighteenth-century actors perceive color in the physical world around them?  In what ways did perceptions of skin color impact developing theories of race?  How did color contribute to eighteenth-century fascination with the material world, and how did the relationship between the theory and materiality of color change during this time?  We invite submissions that reflect on topics related to these themes or on other ways in which contemporaries interpreted and understood color.  

Submissions may originate in any of the disciplines and research methodologies encompassed by eighteenth-century studies, broadly construed (history, philosophy, literature, social sciences, and the arts); those which focus on the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, or Oceania are especially encouraged.
Submissions should be 7,000–9,000 words, including notes, and may be sent to ecs57@yale.edu.  The deadline for consideration for this issue is July 15, 2016.  Please contact the Managing Editor at amy.dunagin@yale.edu with any questions.
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