12 de febrero de 2016

CFP: Early Modern History Workshop on “Networks of Knowledge.” NACBS, Washington DC, Nov. 2016.

Type: Call for Papers
Subject Fields: Atlantic History / Studies, British History / Studies
Early Modern History Workshop on “Networks of Knowledge.”

NACBS, Washington DC, Nov. 2016.

Abstracts (1 pg.) and short (1-2 pg.) CV due Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016
Participants in this workshop will explore the meaning, scope, and utility of early modern networks.  How and why did Britons in this period form alliances for the purpose of sharing spiritual counsel, geopolitical intelligence, medical and scientific expertise, social and cultural dicta, and practical advice that would allow people to better thrive – or even survive – in an early modern world marked by violence, colonial exploitation and expansion, political and religious upheaval, and radical changes to gendered, racial, and sexual norms?  And as scholars of this period, how do we define and problematize early modern networks, alliances, and partnerships?  Papers on these issues – or on related topics that fit broadly within our aims – are welcomed, particularly from graduate students and early career scholars, and from scholars working and living in the UK.
The session will feature 7-10 pre-circulated papers of 15-25 pages.  All participants will be required to submit their papers by the last day of September, and to have read the entire session's papers in advance of the conference.  Please send a one-page abstract and one-to-two page CV to Amanda Herbert (amanda.herbert@cnu.edu) and Nick Popper (nspopper@wm.edu) by Wednesday, 2 March 2016.
Amanda Herbert and Nick Popper
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Nicholas Popper, Department of History, College of William and Mary

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