11 de marzo de 2016

Recent Wellcome Witnesses publication: 'Medical Genetics: Development of Ethical Dimensions in Clinical Practice and Research'

A recent volume of Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine is freely available to download at the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group website:

Medical Genetics: Development of Ethical Dimensions in Clinical Practice and Research

'… most of us going in as clinicians and coming out as clinical geneticists had absolutely zero grounding in philosophy, psychology, or any other kind of ‘ology’ really.'
Professor Peter Harper

A Witness Seminar on the emergence of complex ethical issues in clinical genetics practice, the evolution of these issues over several decades of advances in medical genetics research and social change, and the professionalization of this field. Chaired by Professor Anneke Lucassen (Southampton) with an introduction by Professor Richard Ashcroft (QMUL).

Jones E M and Tansey E M. (eds) (2016)
Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine, vol. 57. London: Queen Mary University of London.

ISBN 978 1 91019 5130

‘… the whole healthcare system is geared up to the individual, largely, to the person with a symptom who comes and needs to be assessed and investigated and treated and so on. … the true patient in the genetics clinic is the family, not only the individual.’
Professor Peter Turnpenny

This volume can be ordered from www.amazon.co.uk; www.amazon.com; and all good booksellers for £6/$10 plus postage, using the ISBN. For further details of this and other volumes in the series visit: http://www.histmodbiomed.org/article/wellcome-witnesses-volumes.

All volumes are freely available to download.