Arxius Guy Patin

Pr Loic Capron (University Paris Descartes)  edited online, a while ago, Guy Patin's French correspondence, including 1 000 letters, 18 000 notes, etc.

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We've  received so far comments, information and details from several researchers. A few weeks ago, someone in Moscow told us about a letter (totally unknowm and never published) residing in Saint-Petersburg (Archives of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and the librarian sent us a scan of the letter ! And we got recently valuable information from libraries in Copenhagen, Uppsala, Leiden, The Hague, London.

We assume that Guy Patin wrote thousands of letters (in French and in Latin). We have located (at least we hope so) most of the letters kept in French public collections, but we believe that many of his letters are located in private collections, AND abroad. That's why we contact you today.

Our request :
Would you please check your own catalogues and holdings, and tell us whether your library has a letter  written ou received by Guy Patin ?

We thank very much for your help.

Guy Cobolet, Director
BIU Santé Paris