CfP Cabinetization and Compartmentalization in Early Modern Art and Science

Renaissance Society of America, Chicago March 30-April 1, 2017.

This interdisciplinary session examines the role of cabinetizing and compartmentalizing visual and material knowledge, objects, and images in the early modern period. Through considering a wide range of media it aims to develop a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the various ways in which cabinets and cabinet-like spaces and formats, by means of boundaries, thresholds, and kinetic and haptic interaction, organize, frame, decontextualize, re-contextualize, activate, and transform their contents, and also guide, instruct, engage, and transfer knowledge to beholders.

We welcome paper proposals that engage with concepts of early modern art and science especially. Suggested paper topics include but are not limited to: cabinets, boxes, specimen drawers, furniture, real and depicted collections, perspective boxes, dioramas, stage sets, gardens, architectural spaces, polyptychs, dollhouses, maps, frames, ornament, books.

Please submit a proposal that includes 1) your name, affiliation, and paper title, 2) a brief CV (max 300 words), and 3) an abstract (max 150 words) on or before June 1 to Nadia Baadj ( and Lisa Skogh (