27 de mayo de 2016

Identity, Memory and History. Call for Articles Anais de História de Além-Mar.

Type: Call for Papers
Date: July 1, 2016
Location: Portugal
Subject Fields: Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Humanities, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

Anais de História de Além-Mar – Annals of Overseas History (AHAM) is a peer-reviewed journal published by CHAM, the Portuguese Centre for Global History. It aims to disseminate scientific work on the Portuguese expansion (15th – 20th centuries), its historical context, parallel phenomena, and the connections between the histories and the societies of all the spaces involved. 
An upcoming volume of AHAM will include a thematic dossier on “Identity, Memory and History», edited by Francisco Zamora Rodríguez (CHAM) and Alberto Baena Zapatero (Universidade Federal de Goiás). 

The concepts of identity and memory have achieved great relevance in the current historiographical debate. The contemporary societies are in constant self-reflection, debating the process of its own constitution based upon the identification of its elements of unity or of differentiation. History has played an important role in this process, between the recognition of their complexity and the will to establish individual and identifiable groups. 
This dossier aims at bringing together studies on these cultural constructions as historical products, deriving from the idea that collective or national identities are not essential facts to human nature or even unchangeable along centuries. The purpose is to discuss the creation of narratives that are “imagined” or modified along time, in conjunction with systems of social organization and material culture. Hence, special attention will be given to historical approaches based on memories and foundational myths from cultural expressions such as literature, art, museums or heritage. 
Finally, the topic of collective identities is particularly interesting to understand the tension between social or politically structured memories and individual perceptions of the past. 

The Anais de História de Além-Mar invite article proposals on “Identity, Memory and History” for a thematic dossier scheduled to be published in the winter of 2017

The following topics, not only to be examined using large scales of enquiry but also to be studied and presented as case studies, are of particular interest (although other contributions are welcome): 
- The political construction of national identities. 
- The use of history in the creation of collective identities. 
- The relation between the different types of memory and history. 
- Heritage and museums as sites for memory construction. 
- Art and literature as expressions of identity. 

Proposals of no more than 500 words should be sent together with a short biography (max. 200 words) to anais.cham@fcsh.unl.pt before July 1, 2016. We welcome contributions in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, and French. All applicants will be notified regarding acceptance of their proposal by July 29, 2016. If accepted, the final manuscript, up to 10 000 words (recommended), must be submitted for appraisal before October 30, 2016. The accepted proposals will be then submitted to double blind peer-review. 

We also encourage researchers to submit proposals of original manuscripts on other topics than the thematic dossier, provided that they meet the thematic scope of the journal. Proposals of book reviews are also accepted. AHAM is permanently open to spontaneous proposals