30 de abril de 2016

New MA in Health, Medicine and Society

For academic year 2016-17, the University of Leeds is launching a new MA in History of Health, Medicine and Society, run as a collaboration between academic staff members in the School of History and the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science.

This MA will be an exciting opportunity to explore how health and medicine have been shaped by their social and cultural contexts. Looking at the health of individuals, families and communities, students will have the chance to study the human life course from birth to death, the experiences of patients, medical practitioners and caregivers, medicine during periods of war and conflict, the growth of psychiatry and the sciences of mind/brain, the intersections of medicine with Darwinism and eugenics, and the impact of disease and health policy in different societies.

In addition to research strengths in the global history of health, medicine and society from antiquity to the present, Leeds has excellent archival resources in the subject in its Brotherton Special Collections (see, e.g., https://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections/collection/607/science_and_medicine/609/medicine), while the material culture of medicine is well represented in the University's Museum of the History of Science, Technolgy and Medicine (http://arts.leeds.ac.uk/museum-of-hstm/collections/medicine-and-health/).  The University also collaborates closely with the Thackray Medical Museum, which has rich archival and object holdings (http://www.thackraymedicalmuseum.co.uk/).

For more information on this MA and how to apply, please go to http://courses.leeds.ac.uk/24014/MA_History_of_Health,_Medicine_and_Society, or email the MA's convenor, Dr Laura King, l.king@leeds.ac.uk  Further information, including about studentship funding, will be available soon.