18 de mayo de 2016

Politics before Modernity: Tracing Premodern Meanings of Modern Political Terms

Type: Call for Papers
Date: May 10, 2016 to June 2, 2016
Location: United States
Subject Fields: Philosophy, Political History / Studies, Political Science, Literature, Humanities

Renaissance Society of America
Annual Conference
Chicago, 30 March-1 April 2017

Call for Papers:
Politics before Modernity: Tracing Premodern Meanings of Modern Political Terms

One of the greatest challenges for a scholar is to be able to describe thoughts, feelings, and ideas of past ages without projecting on them the modern meaning they have assumed (F. Chabod). This is the case with words such as democracy, liberty, people, police, power, prudence, state, and virtue whose premodern use is quite different from their current meaning.
 This panel is therefore open to any contribution that presents a concrete example of the challenge described by Chabod. Each contribution can address the thought of one author (Italian, French, English etc.) or a specific concept, and can focus on any literary genre, e.g., political treatises, comedy, poetry etc., from the Middle Ages and/or from the Renaissance.
Contact Info: 
send an abstract of no more than 300 words to Andrea Polegato, Andrea.Polegato@unt.edu by June 2nd, 2016.
Include in your proposal: name and affiliation, paper title (max. 15 words), and a brief CV (max. 300 words; in ordinary CV format).
Applicants will hear whether paper proposal fits in this group submission by June 5th, for the RSA submission deadline of June 7th.
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