Call for papers for Apuntes 80: Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America

Type: Call for Papers
Date: November 21, 2016
Location: Peru
Subject Fields: History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies
Apuntes, Revista de Ciencias Sociales invites researchers who are studying science, technology and society in Latin America to send their contributions for its 80th number, to be published in June 2017. It was decided to focus on this issue because social studies on science and technology (STS) have become increasingly relevant in recent years.

In contrast to conventional approaches in which science and technology are investigated autonomously and in parallel, STS studies seek to generate dialogue and critical analysis about the interaction of science and society. In addition, the goal of these studies is also to understand how science affects people and how people incorporate scientific knowledge and technological innovation to pose epistemological problems and improve their quality of life. The relation between science, technology and society is problematical in and of itself and, in many cases, asymmetrical. It can lead to increasing already existing social, gender, and social  disparities. In recent years, there has been a great deal of progress in the study of the application of science and technology in specific social contexts. Recent research has also stressed the potential risks and questioned expectations in Latin America – some of them, exaggerated – regarding science and technology as instruments of progress, innovation, and development.  

This issue of Apuntes seeks to contribute to these efforts and to the visibilization of interdisciplinary studies on STS that are currently underway. We invite researchers to submit articles that analyze the diverse problematics that have arisen in the past or the present, from a perspective that emphasizes the role of science and technology and how both of these articulate with actors such as the state, private institutions, and civil society. At the same time, this call for papers is an invitation to (re)think the role of science and technology from both a Latin American and a global perspective.

Articles must be a minimum of 8,000 and a maximum of 10,000 words long, excluding the bibliography, abstract, and keywords. Book reviews must be no longer than 1,200 words. Instructions for authors can be found on the journal’s website: Articles and reviews should be submitted in Word (Times New Roman 12 font, 1.5 line spacing) by November 21, 2016, through the journal’s website. Articles may be submitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese but will be published only in Spanish and English. Apuntes provides the necessary translations.

Apuntes, Revista de Ciencias Sociales  is a peer-reviewed journal. All submissions are evaluated anonymously by at least two specialists in the subject matter, who send their comments to the Editorial Committee. The Committee informs authors whether their articles will be published or not, as well as communicating any comments or indications regarding corrections to be made provided by the evaluators.