Environmental Justice, Political Resistance, and Social Movements: Defying Ecological Degradation in Latin America

Type: Call for Papers
Date: August 20, 2016
Location: California, United States
Subject Fields: Cultural History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

Environmental Justice, Political Resistance, and Social Movements:
Defying Ecological Degradation in Latin America 

Throughout Latin America, disenfranchised communities continue to mobilize and engage in social movements against governmental institutions and international corporations responsible for the ecological degradation and exploitation of natural resources in cities, small towns and rural communities. Brújula invites scholars and activists to examine modes of resistance by communities whose livelihoods have been compromised due to the destruction and exploitation of resources vital to their survival. We welcome manuscripts that discuss the relevance of these social movements taking place throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, in addition to Equatorial Guinea and Lusophone Africa with a special focus on environmental destruction and its impact on cultural continuity in the era of post-colonialism. We especially welcome interdisciplinary research reflective of the many approaches this subject matter evokes such as: social; economic and racial inequality; historical; corruption; consumerism; displacement; gender; technology; health; indigenous movements; spirituality; land rights and workers’ rights. 

Topics may include but are not limited to: 
 Water rights (against the privatization and harmful mining practices, fracking, and hydroelectric practices) 
 Ecosystems (deforestation, irresponsible management of waste, lack of stewardship towards the land)
 Agrarian rights and land grabbing
 Toxins and air pollution; climate changes 
 Transportation 
 Occupational health rights 
 Environmental illness 
 Indigenous rights and identity 
 Rights of nature, rights to good living-- Buen Vivir 
 Biodiversity, protected areas and indigenous peoples 
 Soil, food diversity and access 
 Medicinal herbs and ethnobotany 
 Alternative healing practices 
 Song, art, literature and performance as forms of environmental resistance 
 Ecofeminism 
 Histories of environments and societies 

Please submit your essay along with a cover letter that includes a brief (50-75 words) professional statement (name, academic affiliation/community organization, and standing [Community Leader/Activist, Graduate Student, Assistant/Associate/Full Professor], research interests, and or a few relevant publications), the title of your paper, and a 100-word abstract 
▫ Brújula is a peer-reviewed journal therefore manuscripts should be submitted without names. Names and email addresses should only appear on the cover letter. 
▫ Essays should be written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. 
▫ Papers should be no more than 15-20 pages, double spaced including endnotes in addition to the bibliography. 
▫ Send manuscripts via email to: submitbrujula@ucdavis.edu. Please use Windows 1997-2004 or higher. 
▫ All articles should be formatted using the most current MLA guidelines. 
▫ Tables, diagrams, maps, photographs and artwork is the author’s responsibility and must comply with copyright laws. 
▫ Brújula only accepts original contributions. Translations of articles previously published or articles published in the same language will not be accepted. 

The deadline to submit articles is: August 20, 2016.
Contact Info: 
David Tenorio - Managing Editor

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