Philosophy & Biology seminar: Videos of the talks available online

Videos of the Philosophy & Biology seminar, held in Bordeaux, France, are available here:

– October 6th, 2015: Ken Gemes (Birkbeck, University of London), Nietzsche’s Notion of Health.

– November 10th, 2015: Thomas Polger (Department of Philosophy, University of Cincinnati, USA & IdEx Visiting Scholar at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), Birds, and Bees, and Primates, Oh My! A Defense of the Sparse Theory of Multiple Realization (For the video, please contact Thomas Pradeu).

– January 12th, 2016: Sven Saupe (UMR5095, IBGC, CNRS & Université de Bordeaux) & Mathieu Paoletti (UMR5095, IBGC, CNRS & Université de Bordeaux), Self and nonself in fungi.

– March 15th, 2016: Alain Blanchard (Microbiologie, UMR INRA 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie, Bordeaux), From the question “what is life?” to the building of minimal cells.

– March 22nd, 2016: Maureen O’Malley (University of Bordeaux & IDEX), Why Philosophy of Microbiology?

– April 5th, 2016: Lynn Chiu (University of Bordeaux & CNRS, post-doc ERC IDEM Project):
Host-Microbiota Symbiosis: One, Many, or Mega-Organism? Lessons from Internalism vs. Externalism debates in biology and psychology

– April 27th, 2016: Marcel Weber (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
What’s Special About Genes? Causal Specificity, Information, and Genetic Causation

– June 7th, 2016: Michel Morange (Centre Cavaillès, ENS Paris & UPMC).
What does a ‘global history’ of biology bring to us?

Full program of the seminar: