30 de septiembre de 2016

4 PhD positions "Bicycle Challenges", Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

I would like to draw your attention to four PhD positions “Bicycle Challenges” advertized by the Technology, Innovation and Society group at the Eindhoven School of Innovation Sciences.
The closing date for applications is October 12th.
The research program Bicycle Challenges: Past, Present, and Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility investigates the governance of cycling as part of sustainable urban mobility from a long-term perspective and the emergence of new mobility concepts.
The first PhD within Bicycle Challenges focuses on the governance of cycling in The Netherlands in a transnational context, with emphasis on the institutional role of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment since the 1920s in relation to selected cities and provinces.
The second PhD focuses on the multi-level governance of cycling in The Netherlands through a number of historically significant case studies since the Second World War.
The third PhD focuses on new mobility concepts in relation to cycling, assessing current trends and their potential.
The fourth PhD focuses on the role of connected cycling in relation to the unfolding sharing economy.