15 de septiembre de 2016

CfP: History of science communication

History of Science Communication, special issue of JCOM, the Journal of Science Communication.
The public communication of science and technology began, many centuries ago, with the process of creation and production of modern science. The study of its historical aspects can help us to understand how its forms change according to philosophical suppositions concerning science, the scientific contents, the underlying culture, the political and economic interests and the media available in different times and places.
The history of science communication is “an indispensable complement to the history and philosophy of the sciences, insofar as it gives rise to new questions: why, for whom and how a science, at a particular time, was spread through the social fabric of an era; who made this science theirs in a particular era and by what mean" (D. Raichvarg et J. Jacques, Savants et Ignorants, Paris: Éd. Le Seuil, 1991, p. 8).
However, there are not many books or papers analyzing how science communication has been developing historically – and less when we refer to the developing world.
Aiming to, in some way, fill this gap, JCOM, the Journal of Science Communication, invites researchers to submit a paper for a special issue on History of science communication. We welcome unpublished papers written by researchers from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and who look at the issue with different perspectives and methodological approaches. Submissions are invited that explore the changing landscape of the science communication, whether that be through a focus on any of the wide range of institutions involved in communicating science, such as museums, science centres, festivals or journals, or changes in the media ecology over more recent decades.
All manuscripts will be subject to peer review and we strongly encourage early submission to enable review and timely publication of the Special Issue.
Please note that the suggested length for Special Issue contributions is 5000 words for research articles and 3000 words for essays.
Manuscripts must be received by 12th December 2016 at the latest.
Invited editors: Luisa Massarani (Museum of Life, House of Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz, Brazil), Ildeu de Castro Moreira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Bruce Lewenstein (Cornell University, United States).
More information: http://jcom.sissa.it/call-papers-history-science-communication