CfP: International Congress "Onto the table: food production, processing and distribution in 19th, 20th, 21st century"

International Congress "Onto the table: food production, processing and distribution in 19th, 20th, 21st century"

Lisbon, 23rd to the 25th of February 2017

Organisation: Institute of Contemporary History - FCSH/NOVA

Venue: FCSH/NOVA, Lisboa
Deadline for proposals: 30th of December 2016

The food supply chain has been a serious concern of the contemporary society. With the Industrial Revolution, the food supply paradigm suffered a profound change, both nutritionally and in the selection and classification of essential goods. Therefore, technological innovation allowed for an efficient response to successive political, economic, social and cultural rights over the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Food processing methods and distribution permitted the emergence of global food distribution networks. From the second half of the 20th century on, the demands of the consumer society boosted such processes of transformation and distribution aiming to diversify and improve the quality of diets that should be available at any time of the year and at more affordable prices.
Only after a late and slow process did Portugal join this global change of the eating habits. At a time when the origin and the type of food we eat is constantly in the spotlight, it is important to understand how the eating habits have evolved from the second half of the 19th century until now.
In this conference we intend to reflect on a) the implementation and development of manufacturing processes, including milling, canning, drying, pasteurization, fermentation, roasting, refining, freeze-drying, cooling and freezing; and on b) the means and distribution platforms, including cold chains, grocery stores and local markets.

Call for papers
This call for papers invites the submission of 250/300-word proposals for communications (including title) in Portuguese or English, with a short biography of the author (maximum 100 words) to We are looking for 15-minute presentations that will discuss the following topics (other co-related subjects might be considered):
− Food production
− Food supply
− Food and science
− Industrial heritage
− Wars and food shortages
− The evolution of consumption patterns

Important dates:
Submission of abstracts – 30 December 2016
Notification of acceptance – 6 January 2017
Registration – 23 January 2017

Organising Committee
Ana Paula Pires (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Cláudia Duarte (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Diogo Ferreira (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Filipe Silva (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Inês Castaño (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Leonardo Aboim Pires (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Luísa Seixas (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Susana Domingues (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)

Scientific Committee
Ana Cardoso de Matos (CIDEHUS - University of Évora)
Ana Paula Pires (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
Dulce Freire (ICS-UL)
Jorge Alves
Maximiliano Soto
Maria da Luz Sampaio (CIDEHUS - University of Évora)
Teresa Nunes (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)

Conference languages: Portuguese and English.
Contact Info: 
For any inquiries about this congress, please contact the Organising Committee via the email