11 de octubre de 2016

Medical History - October 2016 Issue

The new issue of Medical History (Volume 60 - Issue 04 - October 2016) is out now. The issue features the following articles:

*The Internationalisation of Tobacco Control, 1950–2010 (David Reubi & Virginia Berridge) (Open Access)

*‘I am very glad and cheered when I hear the flute’: The Treatment of Criminal Lunatics in Late Victorian Broadmoor (Jade Shepherd) (Open Access)

*Popular Medicine and Empirics in Greece, 1900–1950: An Oral History Approach
(Violetta Hionidou) (Open Access)

*Policy Innovation and Policy Pathways: Tuberculosis Control in Sri Lanka, 1948–1990 (Margaret Jones) (Open Access)

*The Psychoprophylactic Method of Painless Childbirth in Socialist Czechoslovakia: from State Propaganda to Activism of Enthusiasts (Ema Hrešanová)

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