HYLE 22-1: "Ethical Case Studies of Chemistry", Part 1

HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry
Vol. 22, No. 1, November 2016

Special Issue "Ethical Case Studies of Chemistry", Part 1
A collection of cases for teaching ethics to chemistry students
including cases on scientific misconduct, chemical weapons research, pharmaceutical research, industrial chemicals, chemical waste disposal, chemical enhancement, and Synthetic Biology.
Edited by Tom Børsen and Joachim Schummer

Tom Børsen and Joachim Schummer:
"Editorial Introduction" (pp. 1-8)

Janet D. Stemwedel:
"The Case of the Finicky Reactions: A Case Study of Trust, Accountability, and Misconduct" (pp. 9-29)

Stephen M. Contakes and Taylor Jashinsky:
"Ethical Responsibilities in Military-Related Work: The Case of Napalm" (pp. 31-53)

Klaus Ruthenberg:
"About the Futile Dream of an Entirely Riskless and Fully Effective Remedy: Thalidomide" (pp. 55-77)

Abigail Martin, Alastair Iles and Christine Rosen:
"Applying Utilitarianism and Deontology in Managing Bisphenol-A Risks in the United States" (pp. 79-103)

Ragnar Fjelland:
"When Laypeople are Right and Experts are Wrong: Lessons from Love Canal" (pp. 105-125)

Klavs Birkholm:
"The Ethical Judgment: Chemical Psychotropics" (pp. 127-148)

Joachim Schummer:
"'Are You Playing God?': Synthetic Biology and the Chemical Ambition to Create Artificial Life" (pp. 149-172)