CfP: The American Association for the History of Nursing

The American Association for the History of Nursing and St. John Fisher’s College Wegmans School of Nursing are co-sponsoring the Association’s 34th annual conference to be held in Rochester, NY. The conference provides a forum for researchers interested in sharing new research that addresses events, issues, and topics in any area of nursing and healthcare history, broadly construed to encompass the history of nursing, global nursing history, nursing practice, healthcare institutions, caring, illness, healing work and public health. Submissions pertaining to all areas and regions of the world are welcome. Papers and posters that expand the horizons of nursing and healthcare history and engage related fields such as women’s labor, technology, economic history, and race and gender studies are encouraged.
  • Individual paper or poster: Submit a one-page abstract of a completed study by email. Presentations are 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.  Abstracts must include: 1. Purpose of study; 2. Rationale and significance; 3. Description of methodology; 4. Major primary and secondary sources; 5. Findings and conclusions.  Each section of the abstract should be clearly identified with these specific headers.
  • Panel: A panel consists of 3-5 persons addressing a common topic. Panels need to submit an abstract describing the overall topic with each presenter also submitting an abstract. Each abstract will be judged on its own merits. Panels are 90 minutes in length. Abstract should follow the format for papers. (See above)
  • Roundtable: Submit an abstract giving a short, clear statement of the purpose of the roundtable, the scholarship on which it is based, debate argument proposed, method reviewed, or evidence that will be discussed. These workshops, which are 90 minutes in length have a more flexible format and should appeal to a broad interest. 
  • Please visit our website for more information
  • Submit abstract by 1/31/17
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