CHSTM Fellowships

The Consortium offers short-term Research Fellowships, nine-month Dissertation Writing Fellowships and a nine-month NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship for scholars in the history of science, technology or medicine who would like to use collections at two or more institutions in the Consortium. Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellows use offices in the Consortium’s facility in Center City Philadelphia and have ready access to events and activities throughout Philadelphia’s vibrant academic and cultural communities.
The Consortium’s fellowships may be held sequentially with fellowships offered separately by Consortium member institutions but may not be held concurrently.


Applications for Fellowships for 2017-2018 must be submitted online by 15 February 2017. Late applications will not normally be accepted. All applicants must submit online:
  • an abstract limited to 150 words
  • a description of resources at two or more Consortium member institutions that the prospective fellow would like to use
  • and, as a single PDF file, single-spaced, in Times New Roman font, no smaller than 11 pt type with at least 1” margins:
  • a Curriculum Vitae limited to 2 pages
  • a project description limited to 4 pages explaining the research project and how it will advance scholarship in the history of science, technology or medicine
  • a bibliography up to 2 pages
  • In addition, each applicant must inform two recognized scholars that they will be asked to submit letters of recommendation by 22 February 2017. We will send instructions to these scholars upon receipt of an application, but applicants should let their recommenders know to have a letter ready for submission.
Applicants must list the specific collections they wish to use and are strongly encouraged to determine relevance of collections to their projects before applying by searching online catalogs and contacting librarians and archivists at member institutions.  Applicants can search most members’ collections through a single interface on the Consortium’s website. Candidates who demonstrate that they will make good use of collections at multiple Consortium institutions will receive strong preference.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellows will be awarded a stipend of $600 for use of each collection, $350 if the collection is less than 100 miles from another collection for which a stipend has already been awarded. Candidates who live 100 or more miles from the collections they will use will receive some preference. Fellows typically receive between $950 and $3,000 depending on number and locations of collections used.

Dissertation Writing Fellowships

Dissertation Writing Fellows receive a stipend of $23,000. Fellows are expected to spend the academic year at the Consortium facilities in Philadelphia and to participate in our events. Dissertation fellowships are available to Ph.D. candidates who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents or students at U.S. institutions.

NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Consortium’s NEH Postdoctoral Fellow receives a stipend of $37,800. Postdoctoral Fellows will be expected to spend the academic year at the Consortium facilities in Philadelphia and to participate in our events. The Consortium’s NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to scholars who are US citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must have a Ph.D., or have completed by 15 February 2017 all requirements for a Ph.D. except for the actual conferral of the degree.


When space is available, the Consortium hosts scholars who receive support from other sources.  The application process for these Fellowships-in-Residence is the same as described above.  Applicants must have a source of support for their period of residence, which must be clearly listed in the application.