25 de febrero de 2017

CfP: El mundo de las minas y su entorno en Charcas virreinal (IX Congreso de AEB, Sucre)

Seeking speakers for our panel in the IX Congreso de AEB (Asociación de Estudios Bolivianos), which will be held in Sucre (Bolivia) from 24 to 28 in July 2017.
Our panel "El mundo de las minas y su entorno en Charcas virreinal" aims to understand the history of mining in colonial Charcas in the wider context by focusing on micro case studies. For this purpose we'd like to pay special atentions on the histories occurred not only within the mines but also between the mining zones and further. In other words, we'd like to examine the interregional relations in colonial Charcas and in the viceroyalty of Peru over the mining production.

Our panel is organized by Kris E. Lane and Masaki Sato (me). And María Clara López Beltran will moderate the panel.

If you are interested in the theme and have plan to do research in Bolivia in this summer, please check the oficial "call for paper" of the AEB below, in which you see the details of the Congreso and may see more interesting panels to join. Our panel is Simposio 13 and located in p. 24.

Proposals must be sent to the organizers (Kris Lane: klane1@tulane.edu, Masaki Sato: redbossa@hotmail.com) by March 26. And the selection of the papers will be informed on April 3. All the papers will be delivered in Spanish. Of course you can ask me any questions about our panel via e-mail.

CFP is here: https://doc.co/cEsTKP

Web Site of the AEB is here: https://www.bolivianstudies.org/