Novedad editorial: Bloody Brilliant! A History of Blood Groups and Blood Groupers

By Steven R. Pierce, SBB(ASCP), and Marion E. Reid, PhD, FIBMS, DSc(Hon)

(2016, AABB Press, hard cover, 633 pages, color illus. ISBN 978-1-56395-910-3)

“The story of blood groups always begins in Vienna with Karl Landsteiner.” So begins this uniquely fascinating tale of how the blood groups were discovered and the interesting people who made those discoveries. Meticulously referenced, this volume is also lavishly illustrated as it recalls the progression of knowledge in blood grouping that continues today. This is the story not only of Landsteiner, Levine, Wiener, Race, Sanger, and other early giants, but also of Mollison, Garratty, Marsh, Tippett, Issitt, Judd, and many, many others who have made their mark on the profession and trained others who even now are doing the same. Ten years in the making, this treasure is enlightening, engaging, and enjoyable to read—well worth the wait.
Chapters include:
  • Out Damned Spot! Forensic Applications of ABO
  • Who’s Your Daddy? ABO in Paternity Testing
  • Britain, Blood, and Bombs, 1930-1945
  • A Rh-ose by Any Other Name
  • Technologists to the Fore
  • 28 chapters in all!