BSHS Grant Opportunities

The British Society for the History of Science ( would like to call your attention to upcoming deadlines for our travel and research grants.
Travel Grants to Rio: If you are attending the International Congress of the History of Science and Technology in Rio this summer, the BSHS is offering grants of £750 to support the cost of your travel. Applications are due 17 March 2017. More details can be found here: 

Research Grants: The BSHS is also offering small grants (from £50 to £500) for specific research purposes, such as archival visits, research trips, photography or microfilming, or temporary research assistance costs. Grants are not available for costs associated with publication. Applications are particularly welcomed from those early in their research careers. Preference is given to research projects which have clear, independent outcomes. Applications are due 31 March 2017. More details can be found here: 

Special Projects Grants: The Special Project Fund provides support for those who have ideas for projects which will promote the general aims of the Society, viz to foster the understanding of the history and social impact of science, technology and medicine, in all their branches, in the academic and the wider communities. It is not intended for straightforward academic research projects, which are covered under the Research Grants Scheme. Applications are due 31 March 2017. More details can be found here: 

Only BSHS members are eligible to apply. For more information about the benefits of joining the Society, please visit our website: