Metascience new issue

Editors: Luciano Boschiero and K. Brad Wray

In this issue:

1.      Editorial
Exciting days
Luciano Boschiero, K. Brad Wray Pages 1-2

2.      Symposium
Shaping modernity
John H. Zammito Pages 3-6

3.      Symposium
Making the human sciences
Michael R. Lynn Pages 7-12

4.      Symposium
Jan Golinski Pages 13-16

5.      Symposium
Author’s response: the naturalization of the human and the humanization of nature
Stephen Gaukroger Pages 17-20

6.      Essay Review
Early correspondence of John Tyndall: preparation for a stellar career ascent
Norman McMillan, Martin Nevin Pages 21-26

7.      Essay Review
Between conservatism and liberalization: the enlightened pope
Paolo Savoia Pages 27-32

8.      Book Review
The politics and power of astrology in Renaissance Europe
Nicholas Campion Pages 33-36

9.      Book Review
The state of the art on Newton
Steffen Ducheyne Pages 37-40

10.  Book Review
Mechanism as a scientific pluralism in the early modern medicine and natural philosophy
Sarah Carvallo Pages 41-44

11.  Book Review
Reaffirming ‘the scientific revolution’
John Gascoigne Pages 45-47

12.  Survey Review
One hundred years of general relativity
Katherine Brading, Sebastián Murgueitio Ramírez, Laura WellsPages 49-57

13.  Book Review
John Stewart Bell and the renewal of the foundations of quantum mechanics
Olival Freire Jr. Pages 59-62

14.  Book Review
Alan Turing and the theoretical foundation of the information age
Paul E. Ceruzzi Pages 63-66

15.  Book Review
Taking philosophy of science to economics
Harold Kincaid Pages 67-70

16.  Book Review
Prediction in economics
Marek Hudik Pages 71-74

17.  Book Review
Refreshing perspectives on Kuhn’s Structure at fifty
Thomas Nickles Pages 75-78

18.  Book Review
A fast tour through the positivist mind
Vasso Kindi Pages 79-81

19.  Book Review
Models and Experiments
Samuel Ruhmkorff Pages 83-86

20.  Book Review
Games, pluralism, and scientific explanation
Raoul Gervais Pages 87-89

21.  Book Review
How Newton got lucky
Olin M. Robus Pages 91-94

22.  Book Review
Experimental philosophy and the fate of the philosopher’s armchair
Marcus Arvan Pages 95-98

23.  Book Review
The crucial role of models in science
Sabina Leonelli Pages 99-101

24.  Book Review
The functions of models
Sergio A. Gallegos Pages 103-106

25.  Essay Review
Placing universal grammar on the agenda of evolutionary linguistics?
Nathalie Gontier Pages 107-111

26.  Book Review
The mystery of the preterm baby
Christine Overall Pages 113-116

27.  Book Review
Is panpsychism with us?
Marco Giunti Pages 117-121

28.  Book Review
Time, inside and out
M. Joshua Mozersky Pages 123-126

29.  Book Review
Does physics make us free?
Natalja Deng, Klaas Landsman Pages 127-130

30.  Book Review
The changing practices of proof in mathematics
Andrew Arana Pages 131-135

31.  Essay Review
An entangled bank: Charles Darwin and romanticism
Michael Ruse Pages 137-143

32.  Book Review
Darwin and the end of providence: the role of chance in evolution
Michael A. Flannery Pages 145-148

33.  Book Review
Why creationists should learn about evolution
Graham Oppy Pages 149-151

34.  Book Review
Case studies, fields and the dissemination of knowledge
Ivan Crozier Pages 153-155

35.  Book Review
Advising presidents on science when presidents rebuff science advice
Roger D. Launius Pages 157-159

36.  Book Review
Recognising the region
Heather Goodall Pages 161-164

37.  Book Review
HIV/AIDS and political controversies in modern South Africa
Martin Weinel Pages 165-168

38.  Book Notice
How Nature changed
K. Brad Wray Pages 169-170

39.  Book Note
A bit of guidance on doing global science

Hugh Lacey Pages 171-172