CfP: "Managing Women's Health," Remedia series

Submissions are invited for a series hosted by the REMEDIA blog on the theme of ‘Managing Women’s Health’.
Healthcare issues that primarily concern women have a long and fraught history of being grouped diagnostically and financially outside traditional structures of healthcare provision. Recently, the medical, financial and commercial management of women’s bodies has been debated with renewed vigor. The Remedia series on the history of ‘Managing Women’s Health’ seeks to illuminate current debates.
We intend this series to range widely, from inequalities of healthcare funding to the ways in which medical products are marketed to women. Pieces might consider gendered diagnoses, healthcare funding for women’s health, women’s health activism, the availability of contraception, aging and menopause, female stereotyped care roles, patient etiquette and the language used to describe women's bodies.
We welcome papers from colleagues working in history, history of medicine and science, anthropology, women and gender studies, and elsewhere in the humanities. There are no restrictions to particular geographical locations or historical time periods.
If you are interested in contributing to REMEDIA for this themed series or to showcase your research on another subject, please send an email to Lisa Haushofer and Kate Womersley at with a brief pitch of up to 200 words outlining your proposed topic no later than June 1st 2017.
For more information, see our guidelines for contributors.

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