PhD post, 2017-2020, Strasbourg, deadline June 25, 2017

Object: Call for applications for a vacant PhD post, to study the “History of the Medical Faculty at the Reichsuniversität Strassburg 1941-1944”.
Duration: 2017-2020
PhD post: Gross annual salary: 27,150 Euros
Title of thesis project: Between the laboratory and the clinic: Clinical research at the Medical Faculty of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg in connection with the hôpital civil (civil hospital)

The need to pursue academic and historical research focusing on the Medizinische Fakultät of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg resurfaced in 2015 following the discovery of remains of a Jewish concentration camp victim in a University of Strasbourg collection. In response, from September 27, 2016 onwards , the Université de Strasbourg established an independent historical commission for a four-year period to undertake scientific work, so as to shed new light on the unknown history of the institution. This project includes a three-year PhD contract at the Université de Strasbourg for thesis work in History/History of Science, concerning the founding and functioning of the Medizinische Fakultät of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg during the period 1941-1944.
The thesis project will cover ideas, institutions and practices at the so called “Reich University” and cover medical crimes and their victims. The thesis research will cover the clinical research jointly conducted by the Medical Faculty of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg and l’hôpital civil , given that such elements have been completely neglected to date. The intention of the thesis is to document and research the scientific and political activities of clinic members and representatives of the Medical Faculty of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg (1941-1944) in as much detail as possible, unhindered and impartially, particularly in the area of surgery (Zukschwerdt) and in connection with experimental pathology (Klinge), paediatrics (Hofmeier), ENT (Nuehsmann) and internal medicine (Stein). As noted in the then research funding records, several clinic directors had their work subsidised by the Imperial Research Council (Reichsforschungsrat) between 1941 and 1944.

The dissertation should cover the following problem areas.
1. Analysis of institutional strutures: persons, and the mobilisation of resources in their interaction with scientific and epistemic dimensions of research in the context of occupation and war conditions in Alsace.
2. Connections and networks of the medical faculty of the „Reichsuniversität Straßburg“ relating to scientific, state, political and military agencies and institutions of German rule over Europe.
3. The question of agency of the scientists under National Sozialism, including the connections between the medical faculty of the „Reichsuniversität Straßburg“ to the concentration camp of Natzweiler- Struthof.
4. The problem of continuity of academics at the „Reichsuniversität Straßburg“ from prior to 1940 and after 1944/45.

The application deadline is June 25, 2017.
Interviews with shortlisted applicants are scheduled for July 6, 2017, in Strasbourg (either in person or via Skype/teleconference).
The contract is scheduled to start on September/October 1, 2017.
Application file
Applicants should preferably have a first degree in a relevant subject are a basic grounding and a Master’s degree in History/History of Science/History of Medicine or similar subjects and have worked with archives. German proficiency is strongly recommended.
The thesis can be written in French, German or English.
The historical commission stipulates that all applications must include:
- A cover letter
- A CV
- A 3-4 page thesis outline
- A chapter from your Master’s thesis or a published article
- A letter of recommendation

Application files should be sent to:

For more information, please contact Dr. Gabriele Moser: