CfP: Kenelm Digby and the Canon

Navigating the Old and the New. Sir Kenelm Digby and the Canon

A successful diplomat, privateer and natural philosopher, Sir Kenelm Digby was one of the most intriguing of early modern philosophers. Today, he is perhaps best known for his attempt at reconciling Aristotelian tradition and Cartesian thought, in order to have the best of both. Yet, his contribution to early modern thought still remains to be explored in detail.

On January 26–27, 2018, the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen will host a workshop on Digby’s work. The aim of this workshop is to explore his contributions to the philosophical and scientific developments of his time, as well as to open up a conversation about his place in the canon of early modern philosophy.

We welcome papers on specific topics within Digby’s philosophical or scientific work, on his correspondence, or on the context and reception of his thought. Abstracts of ca. 500 words should be sent to by September 1st.

Organisers: Han Thomas Adriaenssen (University of Groningen) and Laura Georgescu (University of Groningen)