Medical History - July 2017 Issue

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*‘A ‘Suitable Soil’: Plague’s Urban Breeding Grounds at the Dawn of the Third Pandemic’ (Christos Lynteris)

*‘Lives in the Asylum Record, 1864 to 1910: Utilising Large Data Collection for Histories of Psychiatry and Mental Health’ (Angela McCarthy, Catharine Coleborne, Maree O’Connor, Elspeth Knewstubb)

*‘Politics and Health at the WHO Regional Office for South East Asia: The Case of Portuguese India, 1949–61’ (Monica Saavedra)

*‘War on Two Fronts: The Fight against Parasites in Korea and Vietnam’ (Mark Harrison, Sung Vin Yim)

*‘Medical Experts and Agnotology in the Fumes Controversy of the Huelva Copper Mines (1888–1890)’ (Ximo Guillem-Llobat)